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When an idea comes to life

history and traditions do the next

creative dna since 1968


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    A continually evolving search. Our genetic heritage to be understood and defended. Two keywords: talent and tradition.

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    Pointing to a plural search: people, ideas, cultures, signs. Add labor fatigue and dedication to detail. At the heart of the company: here is the classic of design

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    Handles & Door

    Use fantasy to create emotions. Choosing raw materials of excellence is a commitment to compete in an increasingly competitive way. Quality mission!

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    Limited edition

    Born and grow in a world of art where art is part of our DNA. Creative originals transmitted by our grandfather Delio Granchi, artist / sculptor of the twentieth century, to our father Paul who created the company. The limited edition includes pieces of special meaning, created in special moments, moments.

Tests, prototypes, realizations. The objective: to give shape to the intuition of the moment. Creativity, the sense of design as a metaphor for a perfect project.


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